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COSMIC WATCH is two in one: a world clock and an astronomical clock. The celestial watch is based on a beautifully designed 3D model of the solar system as experienced from earth. It shows time as what it really is – our position and motion in the cosmos.Learn more about astronomy and our solar system, watch the real time movement of sun, moon and stars or simply enjoy the beautiful design of the celestial sphere.WORLD CLOCK FEATURES
> Real time world clock: Know the local time anywhere around the world with just one touch.> Digital clock interface: Customize the COSMIC WATCH the way you like it.> Solar movement: Discover when sunrise or sunset will take place on any point in the world.
> Celestial Navigation: Align the COSMIC WATCH with the cardinal points and experience your real time position in our solar system. Watch the movement of the sun, the moon and the planets in the sky.> Time travel: Explore any celestial positions in the past, present and future. > Orientation: With the equatorial coordinates you can adjust your telescope.> Digital orrery: Discover the solar system from a geocentric point of view.> Solar eclipse detector: Be aware when this cosmic moments will happen.> And many more: Armillary sphere, antikythera mechanism, …
COSMIC WATCH is the perfect learning tool for kids. It was never easier to explain kids how we experience the solar system from earth. Let them learn about the movement of sun, moon and stars with this celestial clock.
Discover the fascinating relation between time and our cosmos with COSMIC WATCH , the world’s first 3D astronomical clock in the digital age – with a beautiful design made in Switzerland.
(The App is in English but its intuitive design makes it comprehensible for anyone)